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Our highly trained employees have the technical, consultative, service and managerial expertise to assist our clients in taking their projects from concept to reality and maintain their facility’s critical systems. 

IC Mechanical
IC Mechanical


With Professional Engineers on staff, holding both Mechanical Contractor and professional engineering licenses, IC Mechanical has the capabilities of design and engineering coupled with construction experience. Having these qualities allows our engineering department to generate various complexities of designs, including turn-key applications. Our design capabilities include computer-generated 3D drawings, load modeling, and equipment selection.

IC Engineering Solutions, coupled with estimation experts, can help you define the cost, scope, and schedule during the pre-construction stage of your project. For example, we can manage and install your equipment change-outs, minor remodels, significant renovations, and energy/IAQ retrofits. We also provide stand-alone consulting engineering services for your mechanical needs.

IC Mechanical


Throughout our years in business, we’ve accumulated a strong expertise both in managing and completing any type of a construction, as well as in choosing the right vendors and sub-contractors. We understand how vital it is to coordinate the project in a timely, cost-efficient way. As of now, we’ve already dealt with numerous mid and large scale constructions, so we’ve mastered the art of minimizing the extra expenses, completing each project’s stage on schedule, and implementing a live project intact with both original engineering solutions and the client’s initial vision.

Perk: Any changes are addressed by the entire team, leading to collaborative problem-solving and innovation, not excuses or blame-shifting. While single-source contracting is the fundamental difference between design-build and the old ways, equally important is the culture of collaboration inherent in design-build.


IC Mechanical has installed piping for several diverse types of process equipment using materials including copper, black iron, stainless steel, and more. These applications were designed to meet health, safety, and/or GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards. We employ qualified pipefitters that enable us to meet the even strictest requirements of clients in diverse industries. Manufacturers have more leeway regarding the types of materials that can be used, as engineers can ensure that the materials for the pipes do not negatively impact the manufacturing of the end product.

IC Mechanical


If you’re looking for relief from the dreadful heat or those cold winter months, our team can help. We offer AC repair, furnace repair, temperature control installation, indoor air quality, and more when you need it most. IC Mechanical’s service division has qualified personnel skilled in diagnostics, repair, and service of all types and brands of HVAC equipment. We provide a wide array of services to our clients, including 24/7 HVAC Emergency Service, HVAC Preventative Maintenance Programs, Service & Repair of all HVAC Equipment and Industrial Equipment.

Get Peace of Mind with Our HVAC PM Program

Preventative Maintenance Programs customized to your facility’s unique needs.
Our “PM Agreement” offers the following benefits to your equipment:

• Derive maximum energy efficiency
• Maximize Equipment life span
• Reduce emergency repairs & unscheduled downtown
• Repair or Replace worn parts
• Manage your Maintenance Budget
• Pinpoint and Correct developing problems 


In 2012, Alloy Fabricators Inc. was created to provide quality metal manufacturing services to an array of industries; including Electrical Contractors, Roofers, HVAC Contractors, Plumbers, Hospitals, General Contractors, Restaurants, as well as other specialty industries.

AFI is our sheet metal shop with certified welders on staff that produce products such as; prefabricated piping assemblies, piping skids, ductwork, hand rail repairs, curb adapters, pate supports, structural steel, drip edges, roof flashing, electrical boxes, chimney caps, drain pans, slip & drives, steel hoods, lab tables, and custom gutters.

This division of IC Mechanical is a one-stop shop for all melt welding, repairs, and replacements!

- Reasonable Rates
- Fully Insured
- After Hours
- Diamond Plate Covering
- All HVAC Duct Work 

IC Mechanical


The IC Mechanical staff has designed and installed numerous dust collection systems across the country. These systems range from simple wood collection to pharmaceutical powders and fume exhaust. Our engineering staff stands ready to assist you with the design and installation of your dust collection projects.

IC Mechanical


In Florida weather, large outdoor air requirements can cause havoc within a building. You need a professional who understands how to design for the humidity issues of the region while considering your employees’ safety and product cleanliness. IC Mechanical has over 26 years of experience in cleanroom design around the country. So why worry about the next code iteration when we can assist you in meeting the parameters put forth by the certifying agencies. In the world of air changes, cGMP requirements, HEPA filtration, laminar flow, and room layouts, it can be complicated for owners to keep up with the latest building codes while managing the day-to-day business of their facility.

Call us today to set up a consult to evaluate the next steps for your facility to stay compliant.

Some considerations:

• Sterile versus Non-sterile
• Air Quality
• HEPA requirements
• Pressurization between spaces
• Air changes required
• Equipment Exhaust
• Facility existing HVAC equipment
• Workflow
• Space Constraints


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